Mastering relies on highly developed critical listening abilities, focus on the smallest of musical details and experience. Mastering can take a production from "mediocre" to "brilliant". 


The Process

* Hi-Resolution digital/analog mastering
* Optimizing peak volume levels for proper loudness
* Signal processing
* Final track sequence with fades and correct ID markers
* Spacing between tracks
* Sonic consistency for all tracks
* CD Metadata 
* DDP 2.0 Delivery (includes ISRC codes if provided)



File Preparation

*Standard file types are 16 or 24-bit WAV or AIFF

*Sample rates up to 192k ( No MP3's accepted )

*Your 2-track/stereo mix should be sent with minimum compression and limiting on the master fader/output.

This gives me the ability to properly maximize your tracks with professional results. 

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