My clients feedback over the years has been truly amazing! I want you to be excited with the final mastering and that is what AWM has built its entire reputation on. Take a look at what my clients are saying about their experiences with AWM.

"I've had the pleasure of working alongside Andy at Masterdisk. He is always a true professional while being very personable. The quality of his work is excellent and I would recommend Andy for any job or studio without hesitation."

    ~Vlado Meller, Senior Mastering Engineer, Sony/Masterdisk/Vlado Meller Mastering

"Andy Wilson has the magic - mastering - touch! I was introduced to him by my co-writer and producer Steve Levine. There's always a little moment of anticipation when the music is handed over to be mastered... but when Andy is concerned, there needn't be. I can distinctly remember the moment I got my (debut EP's) mastered files from Andy. I think I became paralysed with awestruck at how he'd captured everything I had hoped he would and more. The songs were filled with a zing that made the heart beat in double time. I completely recommend his expertise, your songs deserve his talents." 

   ~BlueBelle, Artist/Songwriter, UK


"FAN-TA-STIC!!!, Andy REALLY nailed it on the head!

Everything feels nice and balanced and for the first time, after all these years in the music industry, I feel that a mastering engineer has really captured my vision as a producer." 

   ~George Solonos, Producer/ Artist (Tommy Lee, Quincy Jones, Boy George, PRS Guitars, Freshman Acoustic Guitars)


"I spend countless hours with my clients on projects. Choosing the right microphones, helping clients with arrangements, dialing in guitar tones, capturing performances, and mixing. It's quite a relief turning a project over to Andy. I know that all of my hours of labor will end up being presented to the client and the listener in the best possible way."

When Andy completes the project, it will sound the best it is ever going to sound." 

    ~Elton Clifton, Producer, New Fidelity Studios



"Andy Wilson Mastering is top notch!!! Andy did a great job with our record. He understood exactly what we were looking for and executed it flawlessly. We could not have asked for a more professional job and a more professional mastering engineer. Andy is very personable and super easy to work with. Went above and beyond all our expectations."   

    ~The Jericho Harlot, USA


"Andy has an exceptional ear for mastering! The time and dedication spent on the tracks for the project was great. His generosity and support of the project has been spot on and we look forward to working with him again in the near future."

    ~Peter Hirst, Refuge, UK 


"Your mastering job really made the mixes pop, and I really think you made this one shine. Bringing out all the detail that was not readily evident pre-mastering."

    ~ Jeff Monroe, Owner of Group Effort Studios


"I worked with Andy on a project I composed, produced and mixed for the Coca-Cola Foundation. He did exactly what I wanted first time round. The client was happy, artists were happy and I was happy. Hire this man!"

    ~ Dylan Ellis, Producer/Composer 

“As a songwriter, producer and mix engineer, I always want my music to be listened to by people in the best way possible. Part of that process was finding a good mastering engineer that understood what I am trying to achieve and offer valuable input when required. Finding Andy has completed that process for me and now I can concentrate on being creative, knowing that when I’m complete I have another set of ears that can make all the difference to my music and the way its heard by fans.”

    ~Lee Hawkins, Producer, UK


"Andy's years of experience definitely shows in the work I've done with him. His attention to details and understanding what is needed is key. His understanding of dynamics definitely shines through his mastering.

In the battle of the Loudness War, Andy understands what helps a mastered song/project stick out and he delivers just that. He's definitely going to be on a lot of my projects in the future. Thanks a lot Andy!"

    ~ BOlupona, Producer/Engineer


" I highly recommend Andy for your mastering needs. I got nothing but smooth, clean, full, loud, and wide yumminess. Thank you so much!!" 

    ~ Cory Mathews, Recording Artist

“Working with Andy is a great creative experience. Andy allows you to focus directly on the music and brings ideas that are fresh and natural. You never lose sight of your musical objective with Andy.”

    ~Ryan Mims, Recording Artist

"Andy was great to work with. He is very patient and understanding and will work as long as it takes to get everything sounding just right. Andy has excellent communication, which is really important, and he is constantly in touch with his clients."

    ~ R.Shelley, Toronto Recording Artist 


“It's not often you find an engineer that is as personable as they are professional. When I need a project mixed or mastered professionally and on a tight deadline, Andy is my first call.”

    ~Nathan Adam, Educator/Producer


"Since I've known Andy, what impresses me most is his dedication to his clients. He takes enormous care with each project and is not satisfied with the final sound until the client is happy. He is on top of all the latest gear and trends and is mindful of budgets of every size. He is enthusiastic about every song he puts his ears to, and a pleasure to work with!"

     ~Ellen Fitton, Production Coordinator at Sonic Designs


“Andy, what would we do without you!! Great job on the mastering again... Andy is the man if you need mastering”

    ~Jose Zaragoza, Owner of Deep Hype Sounds Record Label


“I can’t say enough about how great our experience was working with Andy. He made the whole process of mastering our current project “Dog Country” as easy as sending an email.  He was fast, accurate, patient and professional.  Andy put the shine on our CD project and made it a fun experience at the same time.  I will never use anyone else ever again when it comes to mastering.”

   ~Steve Christopher, President Cloud 10 Music Nashville


"Listening to the session at home it sounds amazing and we had a really exceptional time with Andy. Couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was working with him and how he talked us through the gear and the process. It was the total experience!!!"

       ~Matt and Sam, Danger Pin


"Working with Andy was a perfect balance of professionalism and pure fun. The quality of the mastering was top notch and was tailored to our needs and desires with a careful approach. The atmosphere wasn't stuffy and we never felt rushed throughout the process, which seems harder to come by nowadays."

       ~Pat Hull, Artist 


"My project sounds even better than I expected and the communication with Andy was very good".

       ~Mikus Frishfelds, Artist


"The new masters sound fantastic!!! Perfect."

       ~Justin Collins, The Buddies


"The masters all sound amazing!!"

       ~Marco Bucci, Canadian Artist


" I've had masters come back and been happy before, but I've never been amazed. Such subtle things pulled out and made clear! Wow!!"

       ~ Hollow Axis, UK Artist


"Andy is a great collaborator, and I consider myself lucky to work with him.  We've finished quite a few projects with each other using a really diverse palette of sounds, and he's definitely had the expertise and knowledge to make each mix sound better than I could have imagined.  Whether crafting an album's worth of three-minute songs, or an abstract sonic landscape full of dense textures, he's your man and I couldn't recommend him more."

       ~ Daniel Munkus, Artist


"Andy is simply the man!  His work is fast, efficient and professional. He understands what I need as an artist and never hesitates to go the extra mile. I never understood the need for professional mastering until I heard our mixes after Andy finished with them…what a difference!"

      ~Matt Brent, Artist 


"Andy, you did an absolutely amazing job mastering Ta Te, Ta Ta. We will definitely be working together again in the future."

       ~George Lesiw, Producer/Artist


"Remarkable! Every time I get a master back from you I just smile the whole time!"

       ~Brian Jester, Producer/Owner JCR Studio